Today’s work: 22/7/17

‘Red’ (July 2017) oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cm

Dissocation is a common issue for me, and this painting is based on the feelings I experience in that state, and the effort I take to almost shock myself back into my system. Red is a very strong and emotive colour associated with passion and rage; I’m trying to give myself feeling again and to feel more connected to myself.

Today’s work: 18/7/17

This is a commission/gift for one of my good friends: an oil painting of her cat. It was started yesterday and today I began to fill it in. It isn't anywhere near finished as I will probably go over it a few times, as well as consider a background. Overall, I am pleased with the progress on her, as I've only painted cats a couple of other times before.

Later progress: going over the background in oil paint to help her blend in and not look so stark (19/7/17)

Today’s work: 17/7/17

At the moment, I am feeling a little blocked in terms of creative inspiration, and when I feel this way, I often fall back into familiar material, such as self portraits with loose, continuous linework or bright colours when doing a painting. My mood lately has been rather negative and it shows in my work, as I cope with these feelings and reflect on my behaviour and coping mechanisms.

‘Failure, addict, failure’ (July 2017), ink drawing, A5

Today’s work: 16/7/17

For this piece, I aimed to create something similar to the pen drawings I do: a chaotic, distorted utopia (or dystopia, it may vary depending on mood and perception of myself and others). It was a challenge painting and it turned out a little darker and moodier than I intended, as there is a definite eerie feel here. Personally, I am still unsure about this piece, although it may grow on me with time. It was difficult and it is definitely not my personal best, but sometimes you need to experiment and the result may not necessarily be what you intended, but it’s all part of the process.

‘Dystopia’ (July 2017), oil on canvas

Today’s work: 14/7/17

‘Filling a void’ (July 2017) oil on canvas

A quick self portrait I did earlier – I may sell this at a later date but I haven’t decided. This is a piece about hedonism and how it affects me and my life. The colours are neutral, a mixed palette of cool and warm tones to represent my mixed emotions regarding this trait/habit – the pleasure and enjoyment as well as the guilt and risks involved, from myself and those around me. Vanity and self-absorption are among other elements in this piece.

‘Leave it behind’ (July 2017)

A quick pen drawing from this morning, I intend on making a painting out of this. It shows someone being haunted by the weirdness and fears of others and the future.